| Visiontrick (Suecia/Japón)

SALA 1&2

Es una aventura en cuarta persona. El jugador se ve sumergido en un misterioso mundo, sin el recurso a ningún tutorial o explicación alguna. Es un puzzle de exploración por un universo audiovisual imaginario. Al interactuar y observarlo se irá aprendiendo la lógica del puzzle y del universo.
Pavilion transcurre en un mundo desconocido tanto para el personaje como para el jugador. Un mundo que asemeja un sueño surrealista donde la realidad se confunde con la fantasía. Realizado en gráficos 2D hechos a mano y con la compañia de musica ambiente constituye una experiencia audiovisual inolvidable.

Sobre sus creadores: Visiontrick (Rickard Westman, Henrik Flink & Tony Gerber.)

Visiontrick Media – founded in 2012 by a three-man band operating somewhere in the static between Sweden and Japan in their pursuit to explore and seek new boundaries within the art form of video games. The members all come from a different set of backgrounds – animated movies, AAA-games, independent games – and they all bring their different set of skills and viewpoints to the table in order to create their idiosyncratic experiences.

The first of which goes by the name of PAVILION, initially released in 2016 and dubbed as a “fourth-person puzzling adventure” featuring handcrafted 2D visuals, dreamy ambient tunes, and gameplay where you by indirect means such as manipulation of the environment tries to guide an unnamed character through a surreal dreamscape.

The second, and the ongoing project, MARE – an exploratory and sensory VR adventure experienced through a mechanical bird and a lost girl on a journey through a mythical world. Sailing the winds from vane to vane – with your GAZE as your only way of interacting – you traverse and explore the landscapes of MARE. Scheduled for release on the Oculus platforms sometime in 2018.